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"Ethical" Search Engine Optimization Exposed!

Some seo forums are dominated by people who claim that their search engine optimization methods are ethical, and that the methods of which they disapprove are unethical. Some of them are thought of as top search engine optimization experts, but are they right? In this article, I will explain:-

  • what they mean by "ethical" seo
  • why they think the way they do
  • why their thinking is wrong
  • when to use 'ethical' search engine optimization
  • which SEO forums are worthwhile and which are best avoided
and I will provide an eye-opening example of the failure of so-called "ethical" search engine optimization by one of its most prominent advocates.

But first I want to make something clear. Just because these people have chosen to use the word "ethical" to describe their methods, with the implication and statements that doing what they don't approve of is unethical, does not mean that it is true. They simply misuse the word "ethical" in an apparent attempt to denegrate people who use methods that they don't approve of, even though all of what most SEOs do is perfectly ethical.

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Article by:  Phil Craven of
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