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Search Engine Optimization >> Search engine submission (SES)

Search engine submission: The action of submitting a URL to a search engine in an attempt to make a search engine aware of a site or page . By doing so, it can help your web site get found by the search engine spiders more quicker . Search engine submission is a way to improve your site's visibility .Generally speaking, the better visibility your site has in search engines, the more traffic your site would get.

Policies for adding URLs vary among various search engines. Some search engines only ask for the main URL of a site, claiming that the rest of the site will be spidered; others require the submission of individual pages. Variation also exists about how often URLs may be added, as some engines have tried to discourage bulk submissions in an attempt to minimize spamming.

Submitting sites/pages can be done manually or in an automated manner. Manual submission involves going to each of the "Add URL" pages and filling out the form fields individually. Automatic submission involves filling out information only at a time; the necessary information is then used by a software program to submit to many search engines.

Confusing search engine submission with search engine optimization is a common mistake. The mere act of submitting does nothing to achieve higher rankings. However, submitting poorly-optimized pages can do more harm than good.

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