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    Web Site Placement, Search Engine Optimization >> Tip Eight: How to optimize the Dynamic website?
    Tip: How to optimize the Dynamic website?

    We know that our search engine optimization service cannot interfere with the basic requirements of online stores -- that they be fast, functional shopping sites with easy online features that allow a customer to checkout in just a couple clicks. We recognize the best way to do this is through the use of dynamic content, pages that are often considered "unfriendly" to the search engines. So how can we provide a high-quality search engine optimization service that does not take away from the functionality of your online store?

    There are many ways to approach optimizing a dynamic shopping site. If the URL's are short and easy for the search engines to spider, we will work with our own programmers, and the client's programmers, to optimize the dynamic pages themselves. We will also optimize pre-existing content sections of the site that are often overlooked, such as pages about the company, their product, their history, or their customer service policies. We've often worked with a client to develop informational pages that support the site. For example, a jewelry site that sells engagement rings should have a Guide to Buying Diamonds on their site, which could then be optimized for diamond keywords. We often find these informational aspects of a dynamic site are missing and can bring an added element to an online store without detracting from the shopping experience .

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