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  • What you should not do when doing Search Engine Optimization?
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  • How to Increase Link Popularity?
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    Web Site Placement, Search Engine Optimization >> Tip Five: What you should not do when doing Search Engine Optimization.
    Tip: What you should not do when doing Search Engine Optimization.

    There are a few things you must avoid (or fix accordingly) when optimizing your site for search engine submission. These include the following and more:

    • Dead Links - As search engines index your entire site by crawling through hypertext links, you must make sure you check for dead links before submitting.
    • Graphics and Image Maps - Search engines cannot read images, be sure to include Alternative Text tags.
    • Frames - Many Search engines aren't frames compatible. Meta tags and the <no frames> tags are important in this instance.
    • Password protection - Most search engines cannot index content available behind a password-protected page unless you make special arrangement to provide password access.
    • Dynamic Pages - If your site uses database generated requests or CGI scripts, consider submitting pointer pages with the search engines.
    • Search Engine Spamming
      Many sites are employing tactics that could get them kicked out of the search engines, some don't even know it!
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